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In August 2011 my sister Gabrielle Emilie Gray Giam (Gaby) got married, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after and died before her first wedding anniversary. Several days before her death she told me how grateful she was for having lived and known the love of a close family, she felt lucky to have had access to medical care and alternative therapies.

Gaby reminded me that however bad things are they can always be worse, no matter how little you have there is always someone who has less. The Foundation was inspired by Gaby’s compassion towards others throughout the 31 years of her life, from spending her pocket money sponsoring a child in Africa to choosing a career working in social care.

The Gabrielle Gray Foundation is her legacy, we are supporting vulnerable young people. Through local charities, projects and individual grants in the West London area the Foundation will help to alleviate homelessness, advance education and relieve unemployment. Please help us to help others and remember that from something negative you can always create something positive, be better not bitter.


Nathalie Gray
Founder and Chair of The Gabrielle Gray Foundation