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Meadow House Hospice

During Gaby’s stay at Meadow House Hospice she noticed that the rooms that had access to the gardens were confined to a roped off area due to the lack of funds to finish the renovation. This was the inspiration for first project that the foundation funded; the completion of the installation of railings that secured the area allowing bed bound patients to be wheeled outside to enjoy the fresh air. The hospice is an amazing peaceful space that provides patients and their loved ones the environment needed at such a sensitive time. 

While being out of the remit of the foundation, all donors during this period were made aware of the project they had funded. If you would like more information about Meadow House Hospice then visit their website.


Centrepoint Northolt

We contacted Centrepoint to see how we could help the Northolt site where Gaby used to work. They had just secured development funding and so we chose to support them in the areas that were not covered. We are supplementing the leavers packages so that the young people placed in new accommodation can afford to furnish their homes. The young people at the centre can enrol and attend courses, if necessary we are covering travel costs. We have bought an AppleMac and associated software to enable any art based students to use the facilities of the learning room. There is also a pot of funds available for the needs of the people housed there to be distributed as seen appropriate by the team at Northolt. Visit their website for more information.


Case Studies

Here are the case studies of some of the young people that The Gabrielle Gray bursary fund has helped. (Please note, other than Natasha, names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.)

Natasha received funding for equipment enabling her to take part in the Homeless FA’s training centre programme, delivered in partnership with Fulham Football Club. Through the training centre, Natasha worked towards achieving Level One Sports Leaders UK qualification. As a result of her success she was one of 20 young women chosen to represent Team England, the nations official homeless football team. Natasha will be representing Centrepoint and her nation at the Homeless World Cup in September.

Arlun received a grant for the cost of his Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. This enabled him to register with an agency that provided work in security, so that he could secure employment. Although Arlun had already passed a BTEC Level Two in ‘Door Supervision’, he could not register with security agencies until he gained his SIA licence.

Katrina received the costs of travel to college for three months and to attend two University interviews. We are delighted to report that Katrina has now successfully secured a place at University and will be starting in September. Two other young people, Yolanda and Kareem, also received funding towards college and University travel.

Sarah received a grant from the bursary fund and her story is documented below.

For a number of years, Sarah suffered physical violence and abuse at the hands of her father and stepmother (who she thought was her mother until a few years ago). Sarh’s biological mother lives in Afghanistan but Sarah does not know much about her and has never had any contact with her. Forced to leave her abusive home, Sarah became homeless and was referred to Centrepoint’s Ealing Hostel in early 2015.

However, since arriving at Ealing Sarah has used the resources available to secure a part-time work which is helping to build her confidence. Sarah has been provided with a desk in her room enabling her to study in a quiet and safe environment. Most recently, Sarah has also received a grant from the bursary fund, which has enabled her to purchase a laptop.

Sarah is an academic individual and this is a very important element of her life for her. Having a laptop of her own will make accessing her course easier and less stressful. Also, Sarah is now able to work on her dissertation before she goes back to University in September, which will help her be more prepared for the year ahead. Sarah’s aspiration is to become a doctor.